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Weekly Spotlight 7/4/24 – 7/11/24

Independence Day Gives Opportunity to Reflect on Protecting Our Freedoms, Including 2A Rights

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate America’s independence, we are reminded of the fundamental freedoms that define our nation. Notably, the Second Amendment stands as a pillar of liberty, ensuring the foundational right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. Enshrined in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers, the Second Amendment is not just a symbol of independence but a crucial safeguard of our liberties.

The Second Amendment allows every American to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. It embodies the spirit of self-reliance and resilience that has defined our nation since its inception. As we enjoy fireworks and barbecues, let us also remember the importance of maintaining our rights and responsibilities as citizens, including the right to defend ourselves against foreign and domestic threats.

In today’s world, when this fundamental right is seemingly under attack from politicians, it is more critical than ever to uphold and defend our freedoms. These rights empower law-abiding citizens to take charge of their safety and security. By advocating for responsible gun ownership and supporting legislation that protects our rights, we continue to honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and preserve the promise of a free and prosperous future for future generations.

So, as we enjoy this Fourth of July holiday, let us reaffirm our commitment to defending our Second Amendment rights and educate ourselves and others about the importance of preserving them for future generations. In doing so, we celebrate our independence and uphold the principles upon which our great nation was founded. 

 Join us in advocating for sensible legislative solutions that 

protect our freedoms and help save lives!


Laws taking effect Monday in California and Tennessee highlight the nation’s stark divide over guns: While the former is looking to help banks track potentially suspicious gun purchases in hopes of thwarting mass shootings and other firearm-related homicides, the latter is seeking to prohibit the practice. Major credit card companies as of today have to make a merchant code available for firearm and ammunition retailers to comply with California’s new law to aid banks in monitoring gun sales and flag suspicious cases to authorities. The law requires retailers that primarily sell firearms to adopt the code by May 2025.  

The Delaware Senate passed legislation that would ban firearms from campuses and properties owned by universities. HB 311 passed the state House on June 13 and the state Senate on Wednesday. “In many states acts of violence have been committed with the use of firearms on college and university campuses that have resulted in both injury and death to students and faculty,” the bill’s synopsis claims. “This Act adds post-secondary colleges and universities to the Safe School Zone criminal offense so that any person who knowingly possesses a firearm . . . while in or on a college or university facility or campus may be charged with this additional offense.”

An appeals court panel ruled June 26 that Ohio’s preemption laws on gun control matter and that Cincinnati leaders can’t arbitrarily ignore them. The split three-judge panel in the Court of Appeals First Appellate District of Ohio overturned Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Jennifer Branch’s September ruling in favor of Cincinnati, reversing that ruling and thereby keeping the preemption law intact. The Ohio Supreme Court had ruled in 2010 that the state’s preemption law, ORC 9.68, was indeed constitutional. But that hasn’t stopped Ohio’s major cities from ignoring the high court and attempting unlawful gun ordinances.

New figures from the FBI show that heavily gun-controlled California led the nation in “active shooter incidents” in 2023. The FBI “designated 48 shootings as active shooter incidents” in 2023. California was the leading state in the nation, having 8 of the 48 incidents, Fox News reported. ABC News commented on the FBI findings, noting, “California had the largest number of active shooting incidents with eight. The locations of the shootings were open spaces, places of businesses and education centers.”