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Weekly Spotlight 6/27/24 – 7/4/24

USCCA Event In Wisconsin Underscores Importance Of 2024 Election

On Wednesday, June 26, the USCCA For Saving Lives Action Fund and Fletcher Arms, a premiere Wisconsin shooting range, held an exclusive event in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Featuring a panel of pro-Second Amendment experts and policymakers, the event showcased strong support for upholding fundamental rights to self-defense in Wisconsin. 

The USCCA’s For Saving Lives Action Fund Executive Director Katie Pointer Baney moderated a panel discussion with state Representatives Scott Allen and Cindi Duchow that focused on the importance of the Second Amendment, particularly with critical November elections ahead and the right to self-defense. The event also encouraged individuals to make their voices heard and vote in the upcoming November election to protect their Constitutional rights by supporting leaders with strong, pro-Second Amendment records as their representatives.

Additionally, panelists spoke out against efforts by some lawmakers to curb law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms for self-defense, particularly so-called “red flag laws,” and bans on so-called “assault weapons.”

With Wisconsin set to play a pivotal role in the 2024 election, the conversation was even more timely. The Badger State remains a battleground state up for grabs for both campaigns, and the USCCA-FSL Action Fund was proud to host a forum for attendees to register to vote in 2024. 

It was great to be surrounded by so many freedom-loving Americans who want to be involved in the political process and ensure their Second Amendment rights are secure for future generations. 

 Join us in advocating for sensible legislative solutions that 

protect our freedoms and help save lives!


United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared that “gun violence” constitutes a public health crisis Tuesday but cited fake mass-shooting data from the long-debunked Gun Violence Archive to support his spurious claims. … Murthy is not the only member of the Biden-Harris administration to use fake data from the GVA. Biden and his handlers have cited GVA’s mass-shooting data throughout his presidency in speeches, written statements and social media.

The left-wing idea of working around the Constitution by declaring gun violence a “public health” crisis is taking root in President Joe Biden’s White House. “For too long, this issue has been mired in polarization and politics, but our goal, my goal, is to take this issue out of the realm of politics and put it into the realm of public health, which is where it belongs,” said Surgeon General Vivek Murthy of gun violence and gun policy Tuesday.

Fresh off its victory in Rahimi, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is asking the Supreme Court to clarify who it can disarm under the Second Amendment. US Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar filed a supplemental brief with the High Court on Monday to request that the Justices make the federal felony gun ban their next Second Amendment priority. Specifically, the brief asked for review in five separate appellate court cases dealing with the federal gun ban for felonies of varying severity. She argued such a move was necessary because the Court failed to address the issue in its latest Second Amendment decision.

Ohio lawmakers are rushing headlong into summer recess, but on the way out the door, one committee took up two firearm provisions aiming in different directions. Given the timing of their introduction, both measures face an uphill climb for passage before the current session ends. Still, as political messaging goes, the bills stake out important positions for their party ahead of a consequential election. The Democrat-backed measure would roll back the so-called constitutional carry law passed in 2022 allowing anyone 21 or older to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Across the aisle, Republicans want to place new penalties on undocumented people found in possession of a firearm.