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Weekly Spotlight 5/16/24 – 5/23/24

Louisiana Constitutional Carry Protects 2A Rights Despite Proposed Carve-Outs 

Following the passage of constitutional carry laws in Louisiana and an unrelated tragedy in a popular nightlife destination in New Orleans, anti-gun lawmakers have attempted to install carve-outs aimed at curbing the Second Amendment rights of Louisianans in entertainment districts like the French Quarter.  Despite these efforts, law-abiding Louisianans’ right to arm themselves has never been more protected than it is today.

Louisiana’s state legislature passed a constitutional carry bill earlier this year, which was then signed into law by Governor Jeff Landry in March.  The new law allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm in public without a permit is set to take effect on July 4, 2024.  Two months following the governor’s signature, a tragic shooting occurred in the popular nightlife area in New Orleans.  The anti-gun community sought to exploit this tragedy and blame the new law even though it was not even in effect. 

Since then, anti-gun lawmakers have made it their mission to take aim at the state’s constitutional carry bill and apply carve-outs to locations or situations they deem unsafe to exercise Second Amendment rights.  Proposed carve-outs have included parade routes and demonstrations throughout the state and in high-volume locations in downtown areas of New Orleans such as the French Quarter.

These efforts to curb the rights of law-abiding citizens are misguided. The proposed carve-outs were swiftly rejected by the legislature and will ultimately not hinder Louisianans’ rights to defend themselves statewide. Thankfully, the support of pro-gun legislators who helped pass the constitutional carry law never wavered, and they have continued to safeguard Second Amendment rights for citizens throughout the state.  

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President Joe Biden’s relentless rebukes of the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners isn’t just an infringement on our Second Amendment rights – it’s a calculated and well-financed attack on the fabric of American liberty. President Biden calls the firearm industry “the enemy” and his administration is systematically attempting to dismantle the industry and pander to the whims of radical gun control lobbyists. 

Legislators just failed to advance a proposed ban on the sale and transfer of so-called assault weapons in increasingly blue Colorado. Just days before the session gaveled to a close on Wednesday, the Senate co-sponsor of House Bill 1292 asked for the bill to be set aside without even getting its first committee hearing in the chamber. One day later, the 3-2 Democratic-controlled Senate State, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee unanimously voted to table it for good. That ended the attempt to ban sales of AR-15s, AK-47s, and numerous other popular guns affected by the proposal.

A Tenth Circuit panel wrestled with the history of gun regulation and how it should apply to a Colorado firearm sales ban at oral arguments Tuesday, casting doubt on both sides’s version of the past in the Second Amendment dispute. The state of Colorado maintained its law banning gun sales to people younger than 21 is consistent with the federal government’s historical regulation of guns and therefore passes the US Supreme Court’s test in New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n v. Bruen.

While lawmakers in many states like Virginia, Colorado and Maine have pushed all sorts of anti-gun measures this spring, those in some states have worked hard to restore or expand gun owners’ rights. And one good example of that is Louisiana. The House of Representatives in the Pelican State recently approved three pro-gun Senate measures and sent them on to Republican Gov. Jeff Landry for his consideration. All three make a significant, needed change that will be positive for the state and for Louisiana firearm owners.