Blog 10/24/23

Weekly Spotlight 10/20/23 – 10/26/23

USCCA-FSL Action Fund Executive Director Katie Pointer Baney Joins The Reload Podcast

Recently, the USCCA-FSL Action Fund’s Executive Director Katie Pointer Baney appeared on The Reload podcast hosted by the website’s founder Stephen Gutowksi.  In the roughly 30-minute interview, Katie and Stephen discussed the Action Fund’s launch and mission of equipping responsible gun owners to be their own strongest advocates when it comes to securing their fundamental rights. 

As scores of Americans become new gun owners every year, it has never been more important for those who cherish their constitutional right to firearm ownership to get involved.  

  • “I want to make sure all new gun owners are registered to vote and that they think about their Second Amendment rights when they’re going into the ballot box. If you’ve bought a firearm over the past couple years to protect yourself, to protect your family, then make sure you use your vote, your voice, to ensure that that right is protected, because there are plenty of politicians and lawmakers who don’t believe you should have that fundamental right to self-defense,” said Katie remarked the interview. 

Katie also expressed the realities that many Americans feel disillusioned with how the current Administration is working to undercut their rights, noting that the Action Fund is here to be a resource to those who want to become citizen lobbyists.  “A lot of folks look at our current political environment with dismay and frustration, and they don’t know where to begin… What the Action Fund wants to do and provide are those concrete steps that individuals can take in their local communities, at the state level and at the federal level to influence the political process, to influence policymakers, ultimately with the goal of promoting and safeguarding the Second Amendment for generations to come.”

At a time when Second Amendment rights are under regular attack by anti-gun politicians, it has never been more important to create a unified movement of well-informed, civically active gun owners.  That’s why the USCCA-FSL Action Fund is working to provide a national platform to help make responsible gun owners’ voices heard in Washington D.C. and in state capitals around the country.  

We will always stand up for your right to protect yourself, your family and your community, and we want you to join us in those efforts.  Answer the call today!

Visit our advocacy page to see how you can get involved!


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that data from the state’s Department of Justice suggests violent crime has been increasing since 2014 and it includes an “increased use of firearms in homicides and aggravated assaults.” This report seems to run counter to a July story at Crosstown regarding violent crime just in Los Angeles. Data from the Los Angeles Police Department at the time said the city logged 402 slayings in 2021, 382 homicides in 2022, and—at the time of the report—145 murders during the first half of this year. But this just covers a single city. California is a big place.

For Roy Getchell, it was a worrying summer. Getchell, a school superintendent in Haines, Alaska, became alarmed a few months ago at the prospect of losing out on federal funding to support hunter safety and archery programs in his rural district. These programs are a “way of life,” he said. Each of the couple hundred students he oversees is strongly encouraged to complete a hunting safety course in the seventh grade, he said. That’s because by high school, many are already living a subsistence lifestyle, hunting and fishing for everyday food for their own families.

It will now be easier for Israelis to carry firearms for self-defense in the wake of the worst terror attack in the nation’s history. Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir announced on Sunday he has ordered officials responsible for issuing gun licenses to broaden its standards. As the death toll inflicted by terror group Hamas grew to over 600, Ben-Gvir said he wants more Israelis to be able to legally arm themselves.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Friday froze a lower court ruling that blocked the Biden administration from regulating so-called ghost guns after a controversial ruling from a district court judge in Texas. Alito, who has jurisdiction over the lower court involved in the case, said the administrative stay would expire on October 16. On Thursday, the Biden administration filed an emergency application asking the justices to once again allow the government to regulate so-called ghost guns, arguing that the district court judge had essentially revoked an order the Supreme Court issued just two months ago.