Blog 2/16/24

Momentum Is Building for Constitutional Carry in Two More States

By: Mike Lowney | Townhall | February 16, 2024

Now, two more states are lining up to bolster the strong constitutional carry majority, and it’s important that their leaders see it through.

In Louisiana, the inauguration of Governor Jeff Landry represented an important moment for the state and its citizens’ right to protect due to his track record of defending the Second Amendment.  First and foremost, violent crime continues to be unacceptably high in many of its cities.  In New Orleans, for example, the city’s homicide rate was over 100 percent higher in 2023 compared to what it was in 2019, according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission.  There are many needed changes to address this growing problem, and empowering more law-abiding citizens to protect themselves should be at the top of the list. 

Furthermore, past attempts to safeguard Louisiana gun owners’ constitutional rights were thwarted by former Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, who served in that role for eight years.  Rep. Danny McCormick (R-Oil City), who sponsored past iterations of constitutional carry legislation, has reintroduced a new bill for this year’s legislative session.  This marks the first opportunity since 2015 that passing constitutional carry is even feasible, and since Governor Landry made it clear during his campaign that it’s his priority, the time is now to get it done. 

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