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Critic Wrong, Concealed Carry Bill Didn’t ‘Create’ Trouble for Ohioans. It Protects Them.

By: Rob Chadwick | The Columbus Dispatch | February 5, 2024

A new study shows violent crime has decreased across Ohio’s eight largest cities since June 2022,’ Rob Chadwick

Rob Chadwick is the director of education and training for Delta Defense and the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).

“This is a bill looking for and creating trouble.”

“It makes it a lot less safe for all of us, including gun owners.” 

“Puts our communities at an even greater risk of gun violence than before.” 

Those were just a few of the dire warnings offered by various Ohio state legislators back in 2022 when the General Assembly passed and Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill to implement “constitutional carry.”

It allows law-abiding Ohio gun owners to carry a concealed firearm in public without needing a permit from the government. 

Between anti-gun politicians and activists, there were numerous calls to oppose this bill, which they said would make Ohio communities less safe. 

More than a year and a half has passed since constitutional carry took effect, and a new study shows that arguments against this important law needed to be grounded in reality. 

new study shows violent crime has decreased across Ohio’s eight largest cities since June 2022.  

Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Parma, and Canton experienced notable decreases in firearms-related crimes. In contrast, Cincinnati and Dayton observed only minor increases, according to the study produced by the Center for Justice Research, a partnership between the office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and Bowling Green State University.

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